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Here is a little background – We started the Buckeye Cares program back in March of 2021 in an attempt to help support local organizations whose donations might have been hurt during the pandemic.

Here is what it is – We chose two businesses (ex: Fairfield Medical Center and Bottoms Up Diapers) for the month of March and in February we made a commercial with the Executive Directors of the two promoting their business as well as ours and the Buckeye Cares program. We ran the videos all month long in March to promote them on all of our social media. At the end of Month, we tally up how many cars we have sold, new and used, then make a donation for each car that we’ve sold during that month.

We split the total amount between the two businesses and have them come at the beginning of the next month to present them a check for the amount that they receive as well as take a picture of them receiving the check.

Keep an eye on our Social Media sites for monthly updates!!

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